Brew you own beer

Would you like to try your hand as a master brewer? No problem! At a one-day seminar, under expert guidance, you can learn the art of beer production. In the Wiltz Beer Museum a miniature brewery has been set up for just such a purpose, true to the original down to its fine copper mash tun. From crushing the malt and through the various brewing processes, to fermentation and maturation, this micro-brewery can produce up to 50 litres of beer at a time. And obviously you will taste the fruit of your labour about one month after the brew.

Thematic Brewing Workshop

Individual registrations are also possible here! more info...



Price : 450 € until 10 participants + 45 € per additional participant

Maximum 15 participants

This price includes: coffee / croissant + aperitif + beer from the workshop (about 120 x 33 cl)

Beer brewing workshop program

Brewing process:

08:30 Intro & recipe  
09:00 Grain : weighing and crushing Mash
09:30 Coffee break β-amylases rest
10:10   Warm-up
10:20 Iodine test α-amylases rest
10:40 Pumping Warm-up
10:55 Mash tun rinsing Lauter tun rest
11:15 Aperitif + lunch (not included) + visit of the museum Lautering
14:15 Hop weighing + spent grain discharge Wort boiling + hop addition
15:15 Yeast preparation Whirlpool break
15:45 Yeast pitching Wort cooling
16:15 – 17:00 Drink, free discussion  

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Beer brewing workshop

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