A cosy rustic bar

After a visit to the Museum you can enjoy a well-deserved beer tasting in the cosy authentic bar of the “Café Jhang Primus”. Conducted groups will soon realise that the varieties of beer brewed in Wiltz are extremely drinkable, very refreshing and of a unique quality. Cheers to such great pleasures!

This is a authentic pub, just like in the olden days.
The exhibits come from different regional pubs, all closed now.
Most of the objects belong to the Gambrinus Brotherhood.


Where does the name Gambrinus come from?

Was he a legendary king of beer, lay patron of brewers and drinkers of cervisia.

Some  historians trace him back to John I (Jan Primus), duke of Brabant and marquis of Antwerp, son of Henri III of Brabant, who lived in the XIII century. 

In 1288, after the battle of Woeringen, he gave a legendary feast in honour of his vassals.
John of Brabant is supposed to have sat, a pint in his hand, on top of a beer cask to make himself heard.
The enthusiastic audience cheered loudly: “Jan Primus! Jan Primus!” Hence the name “Gambrinus”: 

Another explanation of the origin of the name refers to the Latin expression Ganea birrinus, which means he who drinks beer in a pub.

Some historians also mention John the Fearless, son of Phillip the Brave, duke of Burgundy, who lived at the beginning of the XV century and founded the order of hop. 

Whatever the true origins of the name, these legends have inspired a multitude of imaginative representations.
The museum boasts a collection of fifty such representations.

Some examples:

  • Polychrome Gambrinus, made of wood
  • A lithography dates from 1870
  • A second lithography , from 1863, is a caricature of the king of beer
  • Beer-pumps, made of earthenware by Villeroy and Boch
  • A counter from the 19th century
  • Enamel signs
  • Beer mugs
  • Oakwood reliefs
  • Taps Art Nouveau
  • etc.